Holiday eating made simple!

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Holiday eating made simple!

In preparation for the holidays you don’t have to diet, hit the gym more than normal or even avoid your favorite holiday meals.  Let’s take a look at how you can relieve some of your waistband concerns about holiday eating.

“what you think you are eating and what you are eating tend to be two completely different things.”

99% of the time, what you think you are eating and what you are eating tend to be two completely different things.  So really be honest with yourself and take a look at what your normal eating habits are.  If 80-90% of the time you are eating correctly, do you really think a few days of eating  whatever you want is going to change your life?  Not a chance.  At the same time, if you consistently have a poor diet, gorging at the holidays is really not all that different.

The holidays should never be an excuse to say “oh I can eat whatever I want”.  If you want it, have it.  But then be accountable for what you’ve eaten in the past.

If you are one of those people who just can’t help themselves and say “Oh, I want everything”, take precautions.  Don’t wait all day to eat and then binge on a big meal.  Try eating a handful of almonds and a yogurt earlier on and other healthy snack size meals before you sit down for dinner.  This way, by time you get to the main course you can enjoy the meal without over eating.

There is no quick fix to make that holiday meal magically disappear.  In order to prevent anxiety around the holidays take a look at your normal eating habits, graze on healthy snacks before you sit down for dinner and get back on track when all is said and done.

Happy Holidays!