Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone Therapy?

The Ozone is passed through liquid and turns into oxygen and peroxide. The peroxide then gets trapped in olive oil and will be “ozonated”. While that is happening, there is also green antioxidant molecules called terpenes. Both will get vaporized and during the inhalation therapy, it will coat the sinuses, nasal passages, throat and the upper portion of the air way.

Isn’t Ozone Harmful?

There have been plenty of studies tested for ozone therapy. This treatment has been used for Influenza, Ebola, HIV, Candida thrush, E coli, and much more. Also, the ozone treatments have been used for 30+ years and have showed plenty of upside and benefits for individuals.

How does Ozone Therapy Improve My Health?

The benefits once the nitric oxide is in the system will help fight off bacteria and viruses. The amount of treatments will be decided on how your condition is. Body Block’s Fitness also includes the infusion therapy as well.


This treatment has not been tested against COVID-19.